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The TeamThe Team

To be successful, a company needs to be able to rely on a highly capable and motivated team. And more importantly still, it needs the stability which comes from a long and trusting working relationship.

Many of our tenured and freelance partners have worked with us for many years. The low rate of fluctuation among our in-house and external colleagues says everything about our positive working climate and our customer focus. We believe in treating people with fairness and consideration – and that includes not only clients but colleagues and employees too.

For you, this means the assurance of dealing with the same trusted partner year in, year out. A partner who will look after your company’s needs, who understands the way you work, knows which special working arrangements have been agreed, and is familiar with the specifics of your technical terminology. This minimizes friction loss and possible irritation factors right from day one.

Introducing our team

Bettina Windgassen, M.A.

General Manager

Tel. +49 7121 9609-12

Dagmar Unger


Tel. +49 7121 9609-13

Barbara Bader

Order processing

Tel. +49 7121 9609-16

Anja Koneczny


Tel. +49 7121 9609-17

Adelheid Pfeifer


Tel. +49 7121 9609-11

Hilde Mayer


Tel. +49 7121 9609-10

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